Twins Essence
About me

About me

Jennyfer Haas

An almost identical path in life, constant comparisons, subliminal competitive behavior or pangs of conscience and loneliness when I was separated from my twin sister brought me to the brink of despair. And I didn’t even know if my twin sister’s wants & needs were actually mine or not. I got to a point in my life where I asked myself for the first time: “Who am I without my twin and who do I want to be?” I couldn’t answer this question, I just felt that being a twin didn’t feel easy anymore.

It was only with reflection and working with me as an individual that I realized how emotionally I dependend on my twin sister and vice versa. By immersing myself into my previous areas of life, I released impassed beliefs, fears and doubts about how I can live as a twin. This also included finding a new way of communicating with my twin sister: open, honest, nonjudgmental & supportive. It wasn´t an easy journey for sure but the deep love for each other is the constant anchor that allows me and my twin sister to lead a self-determined life today.

The Vision

The more I dealt with myself being a twin, the more I wondered how other twins are doing on their journey. The answers were quite sobering. With that, the seed for Twins Essence was planted. There is no right and no wrong for which life construct people want to live as twins. I have made it my (life) task to accompany those who feel the same inner desire to be perceived as an individual and want to build a self-determined life as a twin.

My diverse experiences as an identical twin, environmental engineer, meditation teacher and life and impulse coach with specializations have taught me how essential the interaction of body, mind and soul is for an all-round healthy life.  As a person, one thing is very important to me: I love the joy, the lightness and also the spiritual pragmatism! Dealing with yourself and accepting your fears can be easy and fun. Attention: it is allowed to laugh!

Are you ready to follow the joy of life?
I´d be very happy to accompny you on part of your journey!

Love, Jennyfer
Passionate Twin