1:1 Coaching Packages

of twins and want your twins to be able to fully live out their individual personality? Already in the womb, the twins develop a close bond with each other. From questions such as,

  • Twins at all or not at all? How fun is it really to dress twins the same way?
  • Should the children go to separate kindergarten groups/school classes?
  • How do I foster the independence of my twins?

From the twin perspective, I can explain dos and don’ts you´re welcome to consider in order for your twins to develop into two independent personalities.

and in a relationship with a twin? And and want a better understanding about the mysterious world of twins? You are dealing with questions such as,

  • How can twins have such a close bond to each other?
  • What does it take that I don’t feel like the fifth wheel on the car?
  • How do I find my place in the relationship?
  • How do I build a healthy bond with the other twin?

I do understand the challenge of finding one’s place in the relationship with a twin who has a very close bond with their twin. Together we look at both sides and discuss the advantages of what it means to be with a twin.

Twins Coaching
Twins Coaching

Be encouraged to go on your own personal and individual twin journey! Contact me for a non-binding conversation! I look forward to hearing from you and your twin story!

As individual as you are, you can work with me individually! There is a different package for everyone. From individual impulse coaching to immersion in the twin past and also to vision work! What does your trip look like? Together we will find out! Send me your non-binding coaching request now and learn more about me and how you can work with me!



Retreats & Events

Jessyca & Jennyfer

Would you like to work specifically on questions all about your twins world and find answers for yourself? Are you looking for like-minded people with whom you can connect and exchange ideas individually?
Then our Retreats & Events are the right place for you!

And that is something I am creating together with my beatiful twin sister Jessyca. In a pleasant atmosphere, we offer you the space to arrive at yourself as an individual as well as a twin and give you the framework to find answers with various tools and methods. We draw from the full pot of our own and different experiences as twins. We look forward to welcoming you both alone and accompanied by your twin!

In addition, we always offer you Twin-Get-Together in different locations, where you can exchange ideas among like-minded people!

We will inform you about the next Retreats & Events as soon as they are in final planning!

You want more details upfront? Don´t hesitate to write a message!


Twins Essence Podcast

Are you looking for a good podcast about twins? Then you’ve come to the right place!
I give you exciting, profound and above all entertaining insights into what it means to be a twin from my perspective. Just enjoy listening and let yourself be inspired! The podcast is currently in German, so also use this to improve your language skills 😉
And if you are intered in joining one of my episodes to talk about our experiences as a twin, parents of twins or partner of a twin, I´d be deligthed to create somehting together. Feel highly welcome to contact me